Word Searches and Other Editing Issues

For reference to this page see my post of 26 October 2014

List of words:

  • Relation (I use ‘in relation to’ and it’s meaningless)
  • That (it is really never needed)
  • Much (it’s an easy adverb to lose – see David I listen)
  • Very (again – easy to lose)
  • Of course (I use this at the beginning of sentences….why, no one knows. There is no ‘of course’ it’s just me feeling lost)

From my drafting of the proposal (Jan 2016) I am adding:

  • Institutions not stakeholders for universities, Government and industry)
  • I’m using a matrix for my methodology not a model
  • I have an ideal model in my context

Definitions I constantly get confused:

Hegemony – ruling class dominating the social agenda (Marx) basically it’s the superior belief structure in place based on the highest power holder. Power and control over others. Hermeneutics – the interpretation of texts. Yes – I get these two confused….


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