4. Compare and evaluate a range of methodologies and methods in terms of their use and application

Refers to the ability to evaluate and design research projects.

2 March 2015: David Marsh session on qualitative methods was interesting. I’ve put it against this learning outcome as he spoke more to the relationship between quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis and how you would describe this, than straight qualitative analysis. I see what he spoke about linking to how to explain in the design of research why I will be choosing the methodology I do. As always with this topic, David linked the methodology to epistemology and ontology. Everyone does this. I can see why. You don’t decide how you’re going to collect and analyse data without knowing why and the context. This is the E and the O. David also stated how qualitative analysis is how quantitative methodology explain variances. This was a new perspective to me. He also spoke about the double hermeneutic about my understanding of their understanding of what they understand. This reminded me to go back and read Crotty.

10 March 2015: David Carter session – see topic three. There was cross over between these outcomes.

7 April 2015: PLC agreed to develop research methodology papers for one another. I was supposed to post modernism but got myself very confused as usual and ended up talking ideas through with Patrick as I still find research design problematic. Shara did a great one (PLC – Shara – Phenomenological approach)

13, 24 and 25 April 2015: Patrick stepped me through research paradigms, design and the whole mess yet again on the 13th. It is now the 25th and looking at this learning outcome and the descriptor I am again confused about the research process. Anyway, having had the discussion with Patrick and attended a class he was running for Health Faculty students on the 24th I am still firmly of the opinion that researchers like to have a coded language so no one really understands them. I really don’t think anything can be this hard. So, to that end, I developed an idiot’s guide to research instead of my post modernism paper (Model for research) which I distributed to the PLC on the 13th. However, it’s only today the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. It is Patrick’s point about the triumvirate. Research is about finding truth. The methodology is about how you will seek that truth. Method is about how to measure truth. Together these are the design. But before the design is the question of is the truth true for all (ontology) and how will I view truth (epistemology). Patrick doesn’t use truth, he uses knowledge. I think I’d rather search for truth.

16 May 2015: As part of the PLC we are developing methodology papers (see 7 April) Tony did this one on the Delphi Method (PHD_methodology Delphi Method). This is a really great way to share and gain knowledge. I really value my PLC.

24 May 2015: PLC methodology part four PLC Grounded theory Lou 190415 this one is from Lou on grounded theory.

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