6. Communicate research plans and potential outcomes effectively

Refers to the ability to make complex topics understandable to a variety of audiences – in writing as well as orally

Refers to the ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders

3 March 2015: Michael De Percy online presence presentation. I’ve been lucky enough to talk with Michael about online presence before and how he uses it with great effect, but listening to him talk to a group and the issues that came provided a new insight. He uses a blog and started as place to retain his ideas about his work. He now uses it as a record of his work and a way to engage with the broader world on his research. From this session I was able to make the decision that this blog and the PhD process for me more broadly is not about how I expose my ideas to the world, but for me by me. It is my self indulgence. I long and involved self indulgence but one that I want to do. This takes a lot of pressure off what I type into a blog. However, as my supervisor pointed out, I need to network and talk about my thesis with others because the way I advance in my thinking is through talking with experts. Dammit. Maybe there is a balance, but online is probably not the way I will go.

12 April 2015: I blogged about the PLC and some progress we were making in relation to research theories and received feedback on the post about use of thesis. This highlighted to me the importance of defining language carefully. When communicating ideas it is important to outline for all readers what I mean in relation to my research. This is particularly important with a cross disciplinary thesis.

23 April 2015: As part of the presentation for this unit I developed a blurb (Mel Timpson 9311 presentation) so a document could be developed as an advertisement. I found this a very difficult document to do. Because I’m not fully comfortable with my topic and where I am and the whole research landscape, it is very challenging to develop a document for academics. I drafted a version and sent to my supervisor, a PLC representative and an editor. I still think I sound like an idiot.

5 May 2015: The presentation went really well (final-9311-presentationv2). Turns out I am comfortable with my topic and where I am in the landscape. Yes I was nervous and yes I could have done better, but I’m so much better placed for my Introductory in August. It’s exhilarating and exciting talking about my research. I’m actually looking forward to future presentations and I’m much more comfortable talking about my work. I also got some great feedback and ideas. Overall a very positive process, even if I was sceptical and unenthused!

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