Welcome to the blog that will take the next eight years to complete.

I have enrolled in a PhD part time which means my submission year is 2021. While today (31 August 2014) that seems a very long way away, it doesn’t feel far enough!

My area of research is higher education and the value it has in society. I’m exploring the shift that has occurred in higher education to the production of graduates who become inputs to production rather than citizens of society who can think, question, and change the status quo. More importantly, I’m exploring if this perception I have is even true. The first question I will ask is what is higher education. I will then ask who owns it, and then by combining these aspects I will explore is that the best value for society today.

To be fair though, my topic is still at the fluid stage, so it is possible this will change. I guess I will know by 2021!

Well, it’s 23 September 2014 and I just changed the title of the blog as my topic had narrowed in scope. One thing is certain between now and 2021 – change.

It’s 4 April 2015 and I’m about to change the title of the blog again. Unlike last time, I’m recording the change. Currently it is “Commodification of Higher Education”. I’m going to make “Credentials or Citizens?” This shows the change in emphasis of my question. Yep – change!

It’s 18 April 2017 and I hadn’t read the about page for a while. Interesting there has been a lot of change, but not in the title of my blog as the emphasis remains a constant. I’m taking that as a good sign.

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