The last 3MT and another meeting

It’s done and I’m never doing it again. On 5 September I delivered my last 3MT. What began as an important way for me to think about my work has become redundant (I’m confident in my direction now) and it’s just heart breaking to do when you’re not a natural science. I mean, how can you compete against people who can save lives? It’s stupid. However, the competition is not for social sciences, but the exercise is worth it. Every year the 3MT process has helped me clarify and articulate my thoughts about my thesis and for this I will be forever grateful. I just don’t see how a social science can win.

Then yesterday, 17 September I had another supervisor meeting where apparently I’m still going in the right direction. This is exciting for both me and the supervisors (I think). Good for me because it means my ideas are sound I just need to keep getting them down on paper and good for them because it’s not a train wreck they have to rescue (yet!).

I have also just completed the compulsory APR process. They have redone the form and it possible it is worse than last year. Questions I didn’t understand that didn’t apply that I had to answer to be able to save and move on. Honestly. Shit governance leads to shit data people. Get your governance together if you want something meaningful. Anyway, I did my usual passive resistance and my primary supervisor was supportive so all is well that ends well. Until they kick me out for non compliance I suppose (full of hope today clearly!).

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