There is only room for one thought at a time

One of the best training sessions I went last year was the one on how to manage time. The presenter was great, really good stuff. Actually I just checked through my older posts and can’t locate any reference. This is odd and indicates it must have been 2014…anyway I’ll trawl later.

At that session apart from teaching us really cool stuff about time management he said you shouldn’t work while doing your thesis and if you do you shouldn’t change jobs. At the time I remember being cranky because I was working and doing okay.

However, now I get it. I’ve changed jobs three times in the last six months and am now in an amazing role and am very excited and shouldn’t have to change again as it’s not a contract and it’s with a company I respect and working with people who are welcoming, caring and GSD (if you don’t know what that stands for read Room to Read). The thing is, all this change has come at a price. I’ve not done any thesis work for two weeks as I’ve got a conference presentation next week and spare brain space is going to that. Turns out my brain only holds one thought at a time. At the moment that thought is doing well in my job so I impress the new bosses and don’t get kicked at probation review. Next week it will be presentation and discussant role (never done either before). Maybe the week after will be thesis, but that’s the deadline I have for a chapter that is currently only 5000 words and needs some love.

On the upside, this is a pleasant realisation to come to, after all, I have years left ahead, and if I can understand and accept that it is one thought at a time, I will be able to focus better in the future and be less hard on myself when things take priority over the thesis. It also motivates me to make sure the thesis comes back as the priority. It is my passion. And if there is only thought at at time, I’d like it to be my passion. The other stuff is awesome and exciting, but passion is the great motivator and key to achievement. Now, to prove that presenter wrong, and get my thesis done on time while working for an amazing company with brilliant, dedicated people (or do I mean unicorns?).

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