A precious moment

Today I’ve had a very precious moment. Early on advice was given to me and unusually for me I took it. “Write. Every day if you can. But just write. Write, a lot.” So I do. I probably don’t get every day, but I’d get close. And I save these random documents to the point where I have more, half and one pages of written ideas than I care to think of. And because it’s me, they are all sorted into numbered folders for easy access and Houdah Spot on the Mac is a great product for finding ‘that thing I wrote about that thing’.

But back to the precious moment. I’ve had what I think is a great thought about my theory chapter (but it’s not been a supervisor yet so, you know…). I started writing today in this structure I’ve got for the chapter and for the first time ever it feels right. But that’s not the moment. The moment is my brain going, ‘wait! you’ve written something like this before’ and low, in October last year I wrote a whole stack of words in the theory space which I can now reuse, to varying degrees. My random writing has paid off. My recording of ideas as they come rather than letting them slip away has become useful. At last I can see how I might get this done. By writing, every day, just something. Because it might just be useful in the future and I have technology to help me use it.

Another bonus was something I wrote in October 2015 referred to a journal article I didn’t remember so I went to Scrivener to look it up. I hadn’t recorded it! So I opened up the article from my archive, read it, made notes and it’s an awesome article I just hadn’t got around to doing notes on. Writing has made me not just have prepared words, but has also revived what was lost. This, is a precious moment indeed.


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