Milestone achieved – perhaps

Well, that’s the confirmation done. And it was bad. It was about as bad as you can get without it being a disaster. I believe I am confirmed but I haven’t seen anything in writing and I think there is going to be provisions made. Yes, despite thinking I was prepared, and having delayed to make sure I was prepared I still wasn’t good enough. No surprises there I suppose.

I realise success in a thesis is just being stubborn, that I understand. And I am stubborn. So now I wait for the report, read the comments and provisions, think about how to address them and move onwards. Some of the comments were really useful and I was able to enter into discussion of the ideas. This was very useful. Other comments were basically highlighting my ignorance of theory, my lack of academic understanding and what a general waste my thesis is.

I guess on the upside I now know what it is to be panned badly. I also know I have to be better than what I have been. All things are possible I suppose.

In sharp contrast my paper with Leo has been accepted at HERDSA. So, if we aren’t in at APIRA, I guess I use some research money to go to Fremantle! If we get APIRA Leo and I will share as he can’t make APIRA and they are on at similar times. Hooray!


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