Going my way

After a melt down today (yes another one) I’ve decided to stuff the system and do my proposal how I want to. I no longer wish to conform to the status quo, I don’t care how ‘researchers’ do it, I care that my message is clear, to the point and meets the assessment requirements for a confirmation. So that’s what I’m going to do. Kind of liberating in its own way. Of course, my supervisors probably won’t agree and that’s cool, I’ll have that discussion when I get them the draft, in the mean time, stuff fancy theory that means nothing at all and hello to clarity of why I have to do something a certain way. After all, isn’t that what good research is? Something useful for someone they can understand?

As part of the process I’m including a link to my timetable so feel free to ignore this link, just want one for the proposal Task list.

Oh and for those of you who know him, let’s send happy and encouraging thoughts to the Bear because he’s amazing and deserves a wonderful final seminar on Tuesday!!!


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