Commodification, is it the key?

I’ve missed a deadline for the first time and it’s a biggie. David asked for theory and lit review sections and I’ve completely failed to deliver. I’ve learnt today that I may not have what it takes to pull this off. I’m not a writer. I can’t write well. I can drivel (the blog case in point!) but as for a coherent argument I’ve got nothing. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as I’ve always been bad at writing essays so why would this be different? Well, I’m passionate about it, I think it’s important and I really see a positive end. Essays, well, they are just essays.

Question is, can I cut it?

Well, I’ve got a plan now,and it involves commodification becoming central to my literature review. I didn’t really have a narrative for my review but if I focus on commodification I think I’ve got something. But of course, I might not and only the writing of more words will tell me. Of course as I write I learn I need to read more *sigh*. This really is never ending.

I wrote some words for Leo today and I hate those too. I hate them less so that’s a bonus and I’m hoping when I revisit tomorrow I will actually be able to craft something that makes sense and send it to him. It’s funny, if I didn’t have this side project I would be really giving up on my thesis. Working with someone on something different makes me believe in my own work. Also, I really love our project and see how it can be really good. That helps.


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