Oh, well, that helps…..

Theory. My Achilles heel. My nemesis. My sword of Damocles (hmmm not sure about that one). Seriously. How hard can it be?

On the upside, I emailed my David in panic and he was prompted in letting me know I had completely missed a point. Now while that sounds bad, it actually helped. I was trying to understand a square peg in a round context. David basically pointed out I can let the round context go. Once I did that, things started to make more sense. Not total sense and I still feel at see, but, at least I’m not feeling stupid. Today was also the acceptance I needed to go old school:mapping by hand

Yes – that’s a window with big sticky notes scribbled all over in whiteboard marker while I try and understand Laclau and Mouffe’s Hegemony and Socialist Strategy.  I did get some good realisations today but it really did take me doing the post it notes and sitting on my chair looking at them. The most important lesson of the day is I need new markers.

Today also included more work with Leo Bayerlein to see if we can get a paper for APIRA. We’re using some of his existing work and the reason why we’re teaming up is he is already working in my research space with this great paper which complements my work really well. It’s really nice to have a different head space in research. I’m finding having a a research project aligning with my thesis but slightly different is helping my head generally. Although clearly not with theory. Stupid theory.


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