Journey of 1000 steps (or in this case 10 000) begins with 1187

Interesting occurrences today. Building on the conversation with David this week about literature review format I’ve managed to develop a structure where the writing seems logical and meaningful. Today I wrote 1,187 words that I would be happy to show my supervisors. That has not happened before. I don’t expect all of them to make it to the final version in a few years’ time, but it is a relief to finally have something tangible in a way that makes sense to me and I think will make sense to others.

The next step is to complete the section I’m working on as it still has some gaps (not unexpected) but then it’s onto my Dad for a reality check and then onto the supervisors. You never know, maybe this weekend will see work product!

Of course the thought occurred to me I’m still playing with my questions leading to the distinct possibility this will change in the future, however, the meeting this week with David had some great steps forward. When I explained the direction I wanted to take the literature review and how it would lead to the questions I currently have, there was general agreement I was on the right path. Of course, I was missing the first step according to David, but I thought I’d represented it in the first box. But if he didn’t see it instantly I’ve not communicated properly, so now there is another box, in fact there are two new boxes as you can see: scapple – lit review

I should take this opportunity to thank Tony for putting me onto Scapple. It’s a great planning tool for me and is what I’ve used to create the image above for the lit review. I use it for everything. Between that, Scrivener and End Note, my life is a happy place.




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