Colloquium write up – August 2015

This is the most boring title I’ve written yet (I think!) but I need it as it’s the summary of the Colloquium I went to last week.

The reason for the summary to remind me in one place the key points for me. I find with the thesis trying to remember all that has gone before is tricky. I was actually showing this blog to my dad and he asked why I was doing it and I said so I could remember. I then showed him some of the posts under various tags and found myself going “oh yeah – that was a good idea, I should get back to that.”.

I really do have a very bad memory, so I need to use this as a tool to remedy that. All I can say is I’m so thankful for Scrivener because without it I would be lost in my notes for my research. Between that and EndNote I can actually go back and trace resources. But, notes from sessions such as the Colloquium need a home too, so I think this blog is the place for that.

Also, it means if you’re at all interested you can see what I found interesting! Of course, you’re completely free to ignore – after all this is for me, not you! *grin*

Notes: 8th Colloquium on Qualitative Research Methods in Business and Accounting 27


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