And what a week it’s been

Monday is up there as one of the more amazing days of my life. My introductory seminar was amazing. While I thought I was muddling through I got to the end and then the questions showed I’d not actually muddled but had been clear and had made my point well. Then there was discussion in the room about my topic showing just how interesting people find it. And from this discussions have identified issues I need to think about and ideas arose that I hadn’t considered. All in all it was fantastic.

Then afterwards I had people send me further points and questions as well as provide me feedback on my presentation skills just as I had asked! I really am so thankful for everyone who attended and for continuing to push me further.

After that we had a small lunch in the pub. It really was lovely. Diane you’re just wonderful.

Then I went to a two day colloquium with a bunch of academic accountants. I have to say, I was not looking forward to it. After all how exciting can accountants be? Turns out, bloody interesting! There were amazing sessions and amazing discussions with people afterwards. There was a lot of ideas and challenges to my own concepts for my thesis as well as different directions I can now go in. I’m going to need time to digest it all and I think there are likely to be posts coming in the future. That’s how amazing it was. I’m going to think more about it, revisit my notes and then write more about it…..oh god, I like accountants…..


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