Amazing what you can find

I have been working this morning instead of researching like I’m supposed to be doing. But what is good about this is I found this page again which I haven’t seen in a very long time. “From the cave to the coin” was my working title back then. You know, it’s funny, the title is now “Credentials or Citizenship” which is not really that different. I thought I had come so far but I seem to be going in a circle. This is inspiring!

Inspiring? Really? Not disheartening? No! Because it links nicely with a meeting I had with David this week on my seminar. He asked me why I had 20 slides. I said because I was copying what I had seen from the other HDR sessions. He asked if that’s how I prefer to present and I said I’d prefer no slides at all. We agreed on three. Coming in a circle this way shows me I can trust me more. I am on the right path, I am able to do this, and I can do it my way, rather than following everyone else.

See – inspiring!!!


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