And the planets aligned

Every now and then the universe really comes together. (To be fair I’m not really into this concept but you, some days it does just happen). I met with Doug this morning and we talked about setting research in the literature and being aware of the problem your research addresses in the literature. The need to critique the literature not just summarise.

He also spoke of using a single resource and setting that in the Australian context even though it’s American. Basically, if there is one guru for me, justify why he’s the guru and how it relates to my research. Don’t just assume the reader will go with me on this. (I’m saying he, because my guru is Martin Trow – however, your guru may be a woman! Or may be they are other – it’s all good).

Lastly he talked about the importance of linking the literature review to the questions and demonstrating how I got there.

How does the university fit in? Yesterday I was writing exactly this stuff. I was working out how my research fits. Talking to Doug helped my brain open more doors. He contextualised where I am today in my head into my research. Not bad for 45 minutes!


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