The sun is shining if I listen to others

I’ve been lucky to get a lot of feedback over the last couple of weeks. It’s been good for me. Feedback has been direct, indirect and through provision of yet more awesome material (thanks Dalma, Dianne and Bruce). Why it’s been good is because it reminds me how wonderful this experience is when shared with others. For example, catching up with Marion on Friday was great as we talked about how the personal impacts on the research. We shared stories of how work and personal matters impact on our research and alters our head space making research considerations less important. We also discussed how time gets away.

From this discussion I became more motivated and focussed. Sharing the concerns with someone else in the same boat made me realise it’s actually all okay. I’m not alone, it’s the same for everyone and we can all do this, so let’s just do it. Interestingly, this perspective combined with the feedback and input I’ve received has given me a bit of a confidence boost. I also start my one day a week off work to do research this week coming which makes me very excited. Ten months into the PhD and I’m still excited! The sun is most definitely shining.


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