And it’s a century!

I just imported a citation from Google Scholar into my End Note and it’s my one hundredth reference. I wish I could say I’d read all 100 references, but I have not. I have read a bit of all of them otherwise you don’t make it into End Note. All those articles I’ve opened on the off chance there’s something there, all the books I’ve skimmed thinking there might be something relevant, they don’t make the list. Only those items I’ve read that actually ‘make the cut’ are there.

Today I’ve had the privilege to read someone’s thesis. (well some of it….I didn’t get too carried away.) It’s someone I know and that always makes it better. A thesis is like a small window on their soul. It’s a part of who you are and reveals just that something more. When you know the person it’s exciting. It’s like knowing them just a little better. So thank you Tracey. I also learnt a more about auto ethnography. As Tracey pointed out in my presentation on Tuesday, auto ethnography is not vanity ethnography, but for me at the moment ethnography is a bit like discourse. There’s a large bucket with a label and lot of sorting to be done.

I’ve also found some great references today on research theory and contextualising policy analysis in the discourse frame including the whole postmodern idea. The text didn’t go enough into post-structualism so I found an article for that instead.

The one thing I haven’t done is what my supervisor asked me to do which was go back to senseless kindness. In the research time I have left  (I’ve taken to allocating research time on my weekends to manage housework, teaching preparation, free time and research) I think I’d better get to it. It’s been long time since I opened the article and given how much has changed I think I’m going to understand a whole lot more.

It is fascinating how my brain is changing. I’m not getting smarter, or really even learning anything terribly new conceptually wise, I just think differently now. It’s like I’ve got a diamond in my hand and have only just worked out if I turn the diamond a certain way, the light is different. Of course, I think the analogy works better if it’s just a diamond in the rough!

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