Food for thought (and dinner)

Tomorrow I have dinner with my secondary supervisor and so I thought I’d provide some food for thought (and the wine!)

How congruent are commodification of HE, Federal policy intent and the accounting professions’ expectations of higher education in Australia today?

  1. What is commodification and its impacts?
  2. What is current Australia Federal policy intent for HE?
  3. What are current business expectations as seen by the Accounting profession in Australia?
  4. Are these congruent?
    1. If so, how?
    2. If not, how?
  5. What does this mean?

Through these questions I will explore the relationship between drivers of HE such as policy, funding and end user expectations. This exploration will compare and contrast the rhetoric with reality with the aim of providing a basis of future debate on the purpose of HE.

Yes, that’s right – it might just be my thesis question! Of course the next question is why would anyone care? Thoughts?

Edit: 14 April 2015 After conversations with Patrick congruence is not the right word. It lends itself to scientific theory and I’m not in the place. So thinking about ‘juxtaposition’ instead.

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