I know nothing…..(thanks Shultz)

I’m trying to write up a section on commodification of HE. I’ve been reading for six months, thinking, making notes, compiling ideas, talking to people and turns out I know nothing. Nothing at all. The only thing I’ve learnt today is that I have not idea…..

So, how to go about turning this frown upside down? Wine. That will help. But so will actually targeting my research. I have been going about this all wrong. I know that you read and the topic comes to you but I’ve wasted six months reading and have nothing. Still no solid topic and actually no notes that are useful for writing. None. I’ve got all this information in my head that I’ve read, but at the time I thought it was cool but not important enough to put in Scrivener (which is an awesome product!). Now I’m left with the shadows of those ideas that I read that I want to reference and no where to go.

I thought doing an annotated bibliography would help but then all I was doing was cutting and pasting from Scrivener which is a waste of time. Fundamentally I need to re-read everything I’ve read for the references I need not the references I have….well great. Maybe I can write a shell and then add the references later…..hmmm….well, may as well try something (although I think the wine thing is still a better idea).


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