Moving through the Marsh(es)

Sitting here listening to David Marsh talk about qualitative research and ontology and stuff I’m thinking again.

I think finally I get this whole research framework stuff, although the use of the word stuff would imply I’m still a little lost in the marsh.

He said, constructivist ontology is about understanding their understanding and then understanding my understanding of their understanding. He said it better than that, but that was the jidst.

This was kind of cool. I want to understand what business and policy understand higher education to be. I then want to understand what commodification is for higher education. And then, what does this mean for the output of higher education.

Hmmm I think the analogy of my understanding of research method as a marsh might just work. Sometimes it’s clear water and sometimes it all reeds and I’m stuck. Better, I’m actually excited about my meeting with my supervisor because I think I have questions leading somewhere rather than the usual random, I have no idea. Of course, Friday is a long way away and it seems each day makes me think differently about research and what I want to do.


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