Every conversation brings me closer

I had a great week last week on the topic discovery front. I spoke to Patrick who gave me one set of ideas that I hadn’t considered. I attended a session on qualitative data where I started to think about other things and then I spoke to Jenny who made me think differently again. It’s like every time I talk to someone they help put some of my reading into context, or they trigger a thought I’d not had before, or they push me in a direction with the reading that I hadn’t considered and I think about it all in a different way again. As I said, last week was a good week!

The place all these conversations and thoughts and readings have brought me is this:

  • Commodification of HE has altered the educational outputs because it’s altered the inputs
  • Business has expectations of the outputs of HE
  • Individuals have expectations of the outputs of HE
  • Society has expectations
  • Policy has expectations
  • Universities have expectations.

My problem that I am going to examine, is “Does commodification of HE meet the expectations of policy and business?” the question of individuals, universities and society I think are out of scope. I might argue that the policy expectation is that of society as we have a representative government, but I’m not actually sure that’s the case. Maybe I’ll find out as I go. The beauty of this problem is that it’s taking me back to where all this started for me in 1997 where I was reliably informed in an innovation policy context that the skills gap for industry would be met by higher education. Seemed odd to me then and seems odd to me now.

I think I’m getting closer to my final topic (I know, I’ve said that before……)


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