New year, new show…

There was a television show I watched as a child called “Rock Follies”. They had a song in it with a lyric, “New year, new show”. It kind of feels like that today. I have a new show where all the research I’m doing apparently aligns.

I’m back into the research for the first time in a while and have spent the last three days getting back into articles I had located but not found and reading through them. It’s wonderful. I’m finding all sorts of support for my concepts which is great. I’m also finding consistencies within the research and the perspectives are similar. I would expect this for when I follow the bread crumbs, but it’s also happening when I do random keyword searches and the like.

Of course, finding all this consistency is a new show! It’s wonderful. But it also increases the spectre of the old show. What the hell am I doing? Why will my thesis be different? And then I think. And think some more.

The further away I get from the unit I completed (just) the more I think I can see what I needed to do there. I actually started shaping ideas yesterday and realised I was writing the introduction to my research proposal. So now I have to have confidence that the more I think about why I’m writing the thesis and the more I read and the more I draft and redraft and jot ideas down, the more clear it will become.

What I’m actually doing here is holding onto the old shows and working out how to combine them with the new. Hmm I think it’s time to return to some theory to see if that can help shape some ideas.


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