Coaching for success

I was talking to a really generous academic this morning about units, education, systems, administration and PhDs. He’s recently submitted so is very excited! He was also very generous and has offered to help coach me through my PhD.

This was something I hadn’t thought of, but in some ways, many people have already been coaching me. Words of encouragement here and there, advice, perspective and so on. However I’m being offered something more formal and organised. This is going to work for me. Someone I can talk to about the experience of the PhD rather than the research itself. The whole, “how do you feel” aspect.

Generally I’m not into thinking about how I feel, but the process of reflecting on what I want from the PhD, am I getting what I need from the units I’m completing and the research itself. I can see how this is going to be useful. A PhD is more than research and writing, it’s the journey and the process. According to Doug, it’s about getting up out of the mud when you’ve been knocked down, again, and again, and again…..I related to this based on me experience with my research unit. The hardest bit (other than not having an idea what was going on) was doing the resubmit. Being told I sucked, but that I could suck less if I work a bit more. But I think that’s going to happen a lot more before I get to 2021.


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