Brain power

Sitting in a presentation right now by Craig McDonald and John Raynor on Conceptual Modelling. They are doing some great research in this space. The problem is that I’m really not smart enough to even understand what they are talking about despite supposed to be in this space.

My post before last was what I learnt from the drafting process of my last assignment. Turns out I’ve learnt that I suck. I need to resubmit because I’ve so badly missed the mark.

That experience, combined with this presentation, lead me to believe I really should pull the pin on this whole thing before I embarrass myself further. It’s become clearer and clearer I just don’t have the brain power to do a PhD. But then it’s just one more thing I’ve not stuck at. So, the question is, how stubborn can I be? Am I more stubborn than I am stupid? If so, I’ll finish the PhD. If I’m mroe stupid than stubborn, I get to add one more failure to my long list. Ah, such cheery choices!


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