Things I learnt this time and to follow up

From this assignment I’ve learnt that it’s better to get one lot of feedback and then send it off to the next person to get their views rather than doing both at the same time. Otherwise the feedback is confusing. This way makes heaps more sense.

I now have a question though about acronyms – should they be used in a thesis or not? I didn’t, one lot of feedback said to use them and the next lot is asking if it’s appropriate. I’m really kind of indifferent so any advice on this would be welcome.

I also learnt there is a lot of value in using sites containing expert language you can pinch. I found it not only helped my language but also to frame my thoughts a bit better. Tighter in some way.

Talking of tighter, the feedback I got from both sources was amazing. They really know how to use language with great affect. It is more powerful to remove ‘ing’ off words and makes it feel more, well, present somehow. Who knew doing a thesis would get me interested in the structure of language…..I can hear anyone who has ever done a thesis wondering how stupid I am with that sort of statement!

I also got asked, “why use however here?” This makes me think. I’m a lazy writer. I need to think more clearly about writing. (This post is a perfect example of rambling thoughts). So the main lesson from this assignment is I still have so much to learn….


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