Today’s lesson comes from….

My supervisor said that I should learn three things every time I submit writing for comment. Well, I’ve submitted a bit lately and seem to have the same lessons to learn (but I’m slow).

The first is: Academic writing is a code. This is not unlike the public service where it took an amazing boss 18 months to beat good public service writing into me. Some days it was almost literally. Funnily enough, one of the best bosses I ever had. The issue I have right now is I don’t know the code. A site got recommended to me which I’ve found more helpful than I should. The reason why I’m surprised is because I read the material and it’s not exactly revolutionary, but when I put those phrases into my work it sort of comes together. The code really is hard to crack.

The second is: I need to increase my understanding of what the hell it is I’m doing. My supervisor wrote some words for me and I could have cut and paste to use, but I didn’t. I got what he was saying in general terms but I didn’t understand the nuance. For me language is important and if I don’t fully, 100% get it, I’m not going to use it. Funnily enough I think that’s one of the reasons I’m struggling with this unit. I don’t get it, not 100%, I have the sense but not the detail. It makes doing the assignments very hard.

Third: Proof read…..*sigh* it’s a basic skill I do every day at work and don’t do it here. I really need to. random letters in the middle of a sentence are not useful for anyone.

So that’s what I’ve learnt lately, I hope I’m not writing these lessons again after the next assignment, but I do refer to the first paragraph, I’m not that quick.


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