Is it bad if I’m quoting star wars?

Re-reading my last post which wasn’t that long ago, I am reminded how valuable reading is. It’s been another fantastic period of reading (thanks to my workplace for giving me study leave!). It’s also been a period of wishing I was doing this full time and didn’t have work stuff cluttering my mind. Still, can’t have everything.

Anyway, star wars. It’s happened. I’ve been reading and enjoying the thinking and have come up with:

This is not the higher education we are looking for: an examination of the commodification of business bachelor degrees in Australian universities today

As I mentioned in my last post, titles come last but they do help me frame things. And then from this working title came:

As Australia moves towards the commodification of higher education to support a credentialed workforce, it is worth asking if this is really what is good for the Australian economy and society.

Which is currently my working statement that I will explore. I then have research questions to support this:

  • How and why did higher education in Australia move towards commodification?
  • Is commodification what key stakeholders are looking for and why or why not?
  • Is it good for the economy and society for universities to support a credentialed workforce or should they play a different role?

I’m putting this content here because it’s going to be a long eight years and I want to start cataloguing my thinking and changes as they occur. I’m also putting this here to remind me that I thought star wars was cool enough to have in one of my drafts. I’m not sure it’s going to get through the editing process…..


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