And the winner is narrative theory (today)

It’s been a big weekend of research!!!

I’ve found a book that is basically my thesis (thanks Hannah Forsyth!) but then again, it isn’t. The joy of research is that in everything there is something more that the researcher hasn’t focussed on or explored. That is where I can step in! (Hmmm lots of exclamation marks today – maybe it’s time to relax a little.)

The other exciting aspect of the weekend is the complete collapse of discourse analysis as a possible theoretical framework. Turns out it’s too linguistically focussed for where I’m going (at least today) and the critical discourse analysis which is where I thought I was going to was too socially active for the open mind I’m trying to keep.

While I personally think that universities have lost their way, I’m doing this research to see if that actually matters. Just because I don’t think that children should drink cola under a certain age, doesn’t mean it matters if they do. (best analogy I can come up with tonight) So that’s led me to narrative theory. I think this is going to fit well. I’m examining all the narratives that have been told about higher education, comparing them to see how we have structured meaning of higher education for today then examining narratives from great philosophers to see if there is one measure of value of higher education for ‘good’ and then seeing if that compares with today. The whole point of the exercise is to identify the exclusions, inclusions and gaps in all the narratives and then ask, “Does it matter?”. Yeah – I think this might just work……


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