Learning by doing

I have been thinking about doing a PhD for some years. The idea originally started in 1997 in the context of the skills gap in Australia and the role education played in filling that gap. Since then the idea has changed and grown to be something much less tangible, to the point that now I’m enrolled I think I am less certain not more!

However, I am learning a lot by doing. I’m reading, learning, expanding my research knowledge base, thinking about my epistemological position (something I didn’t know I had until about eight weeks ago) and generally being inspired by the process. I have an amazing tutor for my unit who is contagiously passionate about research methods. I am also surrounded by intriguing students who are themselves passionate about their topics and ideas. These people are teaching more and more each week. And then I read articles and books and learn more.

The trick will be to turn this into a proposal by the deadline. I started putting my ideas down about my topic elsewhere, maybe it’s time to return to those and see if I can’t get something resembling a thesis topic.

In the meantime – back the reading!


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